Jaladhikar – Water An Element of Life

The world is made of five basic elements; air, water, earth, sky and sun. These elements have been created by nature and are free for all. It is our duty to maintain these elements in their purest form to sustain healthy life. However, in the recent times, the exploitation of nature has increased and it has led to calamities beyond human control. Jaladhikar is a fight for the right to water. It came into existence in 2011 when the Government wanted to privatize and commercialize water in the name of managing it more efficiently. Jaladhikar is the voice of millions of people who cannot afford water at higher rates. Jaladhikar has studied the problems, solutions, case studies and various other aspects of water management and has created the following charter of demand: 1. Free supply of pure, hygienic drinking water to all the citizens as enshrined in the Article 21 of the Constitution, which provides guarantee of “Right to Life”. 2. Privatization and commercialization of water, as mentioned in the recent draft National Water Policy, 2012 by the Government of India, is against the concept of trusteeship and anti poor. It must be scraped. 3. Empowerment of local level institutions for integrated water resource planning for conservation and preservation thoroughly application of their traditional wisdom. Jaladhikar is creating awareness and mass movement through Nukkd natak , Padyatras, Jal geet, Jal upawas, Jal adalat etc.